Software Review of WebEx Meeting Center

Ever wondered how you are able to host an event across the globe with you staying at one controlled environment? Well, this application would likely solve your woes. WebEx meeting center is a really nifty and feature rich remote meeting software designed for micro-managing schedules of your meetings online, it can make you save your… Read More »

iMeet Review

iMeet is an application designed for cloud based video conferencing. iMeet is a good alternative to Google Hangouts and Skype. The software is an all in one tool for your audio, web and video meetings. It is a fully customized application with strong features that makes it a good option for the corporate environment. One… Read More »

Microsoft Lync Review

Microsoft lync review states that this software is virtually better than the other software in every aspect which includes fault tolerance, better reliability, simplified architecture, rich new client, compelling and immersive features. The pricing of this software is also very affordable which makes this software ideal for every large enterprise. The newest features to be… Read More »

Meeting Burner Review- The Best Way to Host a Meeting

Using webinar software or hosting an online meeting can be a very painful experience. But with the help of meeting burner your every problem can be easily solved. Meeting burner review states that it provides account that you can sign for free and using it is also very simple and easy. The features of the… Read More »

Skype Web Conferencing Review

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