iMeet Review

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iMeet is an application designed for cloud based video conferencing. iMeet is a good alternative to Google Hangouts and Skype hop over to this web-site. The software is an all in one tool for your audio, web and video meetings. It is a fully customized application with strong features that makes it a good option for the corporate environment. One of the main advantages over Google Hangouts is the possibility to have full high definition video in iMeet. With iMeet you have the ability to have video conferencing with up to 15 users. The application works also on the mobile platforms for the tablet PC and Smartphone. iMeet received several industry awards, such as the 2012 Edison Awards’s Silver award for New Product Inovation.



With iMeet all you need to connect to a live meeting is just a browser. You don’t need to remember a conference phone number or a conference code. You don’t need to dial at all. iMeet has a new auto-connect features that allows you to join instantly a conversation. When you host an iMeet meeting the auto-connect feature will automatically call the computer or the mobile device of the other participants who are entering the meeting.

iMeet gives you the possibility to share your screen in high resolution. The meeting guests don’t need to download anything in order to be able to share your screen. For the mobile guests is possible to share screen from an iPad by using the iMeet HD application. This app for iPad features full host controls, cloud file sharing, faster connect times, and two way video streaming. With iMeet you can use either the rear or the front facing iPad camera. You can also have the possibility to email files from an iPad to the iMeet meeting room.

The iMeet mobile application for the iPhone features full host controls, larger profile images, and cloud file sharing. By using iMeet you can’t add files directly from the iPad but the application allows you load up to 250 MB of files to your iMeet account instead, and use the files later in the meeting.

The iMeet’s user interface has a good design and it features a cube form interface. The application’s interface is different from other video conferencing software. It can display custom, dynamic backgrounds during your conference meeting. The user can click on any other user’s cube and enlarge it up to four times bigger. This can create a better video conferencing room experience. iMeet also features an admin console that is easy to use and allows the businesses to centrally provide, manage, and customize the iMeet accounts.

Another big advantage of using iMeet video conference software is that you don’t experience audio or video syncing problems. The HD video is smooth and flawless. iMeet offers a high quality HD video that is based technically advanced H.264 video encoding. This gives the advantage of not consuming large amounts of network bandwidth for the HD video.

The iMeet application is providing good value for its inexpensive cost. There are different price plans and the cheapest starts from under $20 per month. iMeet offers a good overall experience and it is an advanced video conferencing software worthy to be used in corporate environments.