Microsoft Lync Review

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Microsoft lync review states that this software is virtually better than the other software in every aspect which includes fault tolerance, better reliability, simplified architecture, rich new client, compelling and immersive features. The pricing of this software is also very affordable which makes this software ideal for every large enterprise. The newest features to be included in this software is the ability to do almost every thing starting from carrying out VOIP calls on your move to initiating group chats. Thus these features makes Microsoft lync a must have for every business as compared to the other commercial alternatives.


Microsoft lync review indicates the other benefits of the software which include instant messaging and presence which enables the person to be present in group chat which is fully integrated for the use. It also prevents the tension of the lengthy installation procedure which you may have to face with the other services. This service also informs you when a particular user login and even their status update. It means that if your customer or colleague is out of office or is busy in a meeting, this update enables you to know it as soon as you login.


The other feature of Microsoft lync is that it has contact feature that enables you to group contact and this software also integrates your every details from Exchange, Active directory and Lync. The conferencing feature of Lync enables you to create, moderate and participate in both pre planned and ad hoc conferences. Thus it provides you with the benefits to share video and audio as well as the poll sides, white boards and desktop. Thus with this feature you can manage and use conferencing easily. It also uses open standards like H.264 SVC that is best for HD video conferencing. The bandwidth requirements for this will be processed with mobile data allowance and it is also ideal for high speed connection in your office environment.


Microsoft lync review states the benefit of using this software which include HD video conferencing, mobile apps, web app, skype federation and Office 365. The HD video conferencing is done at 108p of HD resolution which enables video conferencing that is clear and has sharp display. It is also compatible with the other devices and platforms. The mobile apps feature of this software allows user to call, instant message join a meeting virtually from any part of the world. The web app allows the user to join the meeting of Lync from MAC OS X or Windows with the use of web browser as also to get all the best features of lync which includes desktop sharing, instant messaging, VOIP and HD video. Skype is a free and popular communication tool that helps in communicating and integrating with the other users. It provides the benefits of voice capabilities, instant messaging and Skype communications. Microsoft lync is beneficial for small, medium and large businesses as it offers office 365 but for this you have to pay a nominal fee. It is a compelling feature of this software that is worth it.